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Do You Know These Weight Loss Exercise Rules?

Rules spin our world. People invented rules so that we could live organized and in peace. It is something that reminds us of obligation and penalty if we break it down. As in every other area of life, we have weight loss exercise rules. Without applying and sticking with it, we can`t accomplish our goal as we wish.
Compliance with rules means that we are motivated to succeed. It is important to understand that rules are not something bad. They are made to help us get to results. They are controlling our behaviour and a constant reminder of what we wish to become.
So, first understand the meaning of rules, accept it and have it as your best friend beside in your weight loss journey.
Read about basic rules regarding different types of weight loss exercises that every person should know and follow.

Golden Rules in Every Exercise


Safety deserves first place when it comes to exercise. Before you start with any workout at your choice, you must prepare yourself for the action. What includes safety at exercising? Proper clothing (athlete clothes, sport`s shoes, strips, gloves, weightlifting belts, etc.) must play a role in your training.
Every of this equipment has its purpose. When you want to start with a specific exercise, do your homework and figure out what do you need for safe activity.
For example, running strip is not a dumb thing when you are running in the evening or at night time. In fitness, we have gloves and belts to help our body fix joints and prevent the injuries because of weight.
If you encounter dizziness, pain or discomfort, please stop the workout. If your workouts include these factors or others, contact a doctor or a specialist for the help.


Imagine you wake up in the morning and you start a workout immediately. Isn`t this ironic? Well, it is far more serious. Before you start the real action, stretch up first. It will prepare your body and muscles for the exertion. Stretching also improves your flexibility. With flexible joints, you can give your best in the workout.

weight loss exercise rulesBut there is a difference regarding stretching in two categories of the workout. If you do aerobic exercise then stretching is ok. With anaerobic workout, you are better of stretching the specific group of muscle. It will take away the power of that muscle, and your performance will be weaker.
You should also warm up the body before any workout.

Drink water

The human body needs water to survive. During the workout, the body gets heated. One of many amazing body functions is cooling down when it is heated. We know this process as sweating. When we workout body is getting warm. Losing body water and dehydration occur.
According to Bob Murray, losing body water can bring to cardiovascular, metabolic, thermoregulatory and central nervous system changes. If we lose 1-2% of body water, we have a remarkable decline in physical activity.

For the sportsman it is recommended:

• The last hour before intensive training consumes 0.5 liters of fluid as this means better hydration
• During exercise, you should drink moderately every 15-20 minutes
• Immediately after an intense workout (first 15- 25 minutes) an athlete should replace lost carbohydrates and electrolytes (most easily by drinking a rehydration beverage)
• You can calculate your water lose by weighting yourself before and after the exercise. The difference in weight is equal to the deficiency of which is to be replaced.
• According to the calculations, you should drink more during three hours after an intense workout. If you lose one litter of body water, drink 1.5 to 2 litters of fluid. In the meantime, it is important to replace the lost minerals.

Nutrition and Rich Meals are Very Important

If you wish to have the results of exercise you want, you will have to pay full attention to nutrition. Your meals are the fuel that body needs for doing his job. But it is not equal what type of fuel you will give to your body. Food is important for your performance of workouts, regeneration and building muscles and also attenuate inflammation.
After a workout, it is crucial that you fill reserves in your body. Include proteins, carbohydrates, good fats, minerals and vitamins after every workout. In this way, your will be able to continue your path to success. The quantity of a meal is dependent form exercise time, duration of the workout and difficulty. Remember, without proper nutrition you can`t get results.

Proper Performance of Exercises

When it comes to a different kind of exercise, we must know it and its specialties. Working out with weights, for example, requires some basic knowledge. In this way, we won`t get injured so quickly. With weight, lifting muscles are stimulated more than usual.
It is important that you don`t bend your spine when lifting weights. Your spine must be straight. Also look straight ahead when doing it. Control your movement and make a full range of motion. The right technique of breathing will help you too. Exhale when you lift weights and inhale when you are putting them into the start position. Always do slow and controlled move.

Breathing Technique

Breathing technique can help you get the exercise. Alison McConnell says that best practise in running is to breathe in when taking two steps. Exhale in next two steps. This is 2:2 rhythm technique.
If you are lifting weight or doing other weight exercises (with your body) follow this tip. Exhale on the exertion. Don`t hold your breath here; learn how your breathing can help you perform the exercise. It can lead to blood and heart pressure.

Regeneration Time of the Body and Musclesrecovering

Exercising is a good choice but our body needs time to relax and recover. Why isn`t good to train hard every day? If you get overwhelmed and push yourself too hard every day you won`t get good results and even get sick (weaken the immune system). The body will warm you of too much effort you are putting, so listen to it. You can get injured faster; your levels of cortisol may increase, and your muscles won`t get the time to recover. They can get inflamed and sore this way. This is essential to anaerobic exercise. Muscles can`t grow without appropriate nutrition and relaxation.
Don`t make this mistakes. Exercise patiently, with quality and the results, will come.

Consistency in Exercise

In the end, we must say that you won`t lose weight if you quit after a start. Consistency is the key of every successful person. Find the type of workout that you love, and consistency will last. You can even upgrade consistency with right motivation – music for example.
You can mix exercises. One day you do the cardio and the second day you perform anaerobic movements. Don`t forget to have a day off. On a day off you enjoy yourself and relax. Never do one exercise two days in a row (training your biceps for example).

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